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We work on Tenerife with a famous 5-Star PADI Dive Center! All divers will be received here in Tenerife, you are a beginner or advanced diver, diving at our center with appropriate facilities and staff are the perfect choice for your diving in Tenerife.



Guests also have the opportunity to attend full courses from PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and to a wide range of specialized training, from Deep Diving Enriched Air Nitrox to.

PADI Scuba Diver:

Course time: 2 days

Max. Depth: 12 meters

Have you ever tried a Discover dive? Or have you just decided you want to dive into the unknown mystery of the deep? Become a PADI Scuba Diver! This is the first step to a certified diver! After only three theory lessons, with useful and important information about how to safely dive with confidence, you are ready for the water. Only three confined water dives later, you are ready to begin the two open water dives at your PADI Scuba Diver course to complete!

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PADI Open Water

Course: 2 to 3 days

Max. Depth: 18 meters

This is your first step to an independent certified diver! Independently of a dive instructor or divemaster, along with friends at home or on holiday somewhere on the globe! New doors will be opened to the underwater world to explore!

Your course will consist of five sessions theory, here you learn how to scuba gear works and how to use it, you get uigelegd why you should always dive with a buddy and of course, how to keep your actual dive plans so you can enjoy the deep blue underwater world without help from your dive master or instructor. You are taught to solve common problems and to deal with them.

Of course we will as soon as possible into the water. After each session, we start with theory, confined water dives. You will learn skills to be nice and comfortable diving. Float like a fish gliding through the water like a turtle!

Open water time! When you finish all the skills and exercises it is time to apply it in the sea. You'll dive in deeper waters, where you will complete the final skills. Of course all the beauty we admire what we see during the dive. Four of these dives are needed to w PADI Open Water course to complete.

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